Example of a great error reporting

This example is so neat that could not resist mentioning it here (as a compliment to whoever did that). First, a screenshot of the VSCode view:

followed by the Chrome/Bravo view:

The highly celebrated VSCode (I agree with that assessment) was not able to detect this issue, because it is not a compiler (however it does use Linter). Amongst all RWJS great features, I wanted to point out the tremendous attention to details, colors - it almost makes me look forward to the future typos I will make.

I believe this is coming from react-error-overlay. This article explains it a bit better; I say this to tell you it’s something you could potentially re-use in other, non-Redwood projects :smiley:

Thanks a lot for this information - not only that it is good to see the amount of reuse of React components, but rather to see how these components adhere to our high UX standards :smiley: