Everything I've Written About RedwoodJS

A lot of this has never been posted on the forums so I wanted to collect everything and put it in one place in case anyone is interested in the material. Most of the middle material is in the First Look series but a lot of the other two sections are not.

I’ve also included everything I wrote about things like React and GraphQL as I was learning them which may prove useful for others wanting to learn Redwood but without much context around the various technologies.

The progression of the writing reflects my progression of learning the framework.

  • Initial articles explore the history and motivation of the technologies that led to RedwoodJS
  • Middle articles run through all of the tutorial and introductory material and summarize them in my own words
  • Later articles explore new territory by including technology not included in the documentation such as FaunaDB

This wasn’t something I planned to do from the start, it is a post-rationalization of the process while looking back at it. I think the lessons to draw from it are:

  • Start small and try to really understand the project and its motivation
  • Do the due diligence of reading the entire documentation
  • Once you finish with the available material start making your own

Note about dates: Some of these I published first on my newsletter minimumViableStack. I’ve included the earlier publication date as it better reflects the chronology of how I was writing these.


a short history of react

April 20

a short history of graphQL

May 24


May 31


June 8

answering questions about react

June 11

full stack react

June 19


a first look at redwoodJS: part 1 - setup

June 20

a first look at redwoodJS: part 2 - routes

June 21

graphQL schemas and types

June 22

a first look at redwoodJS: part 3 - prisma

June 23

a first look at redwoodJS: part 4 - crud

June 30

a first look at redwoodJS: part 5 - contact

July 3

a short history of serverless

July 7

a short history of the jamstack

July 11

a first look at redwoodJS: part 6 - graphQL

July 26

a first look at redwoodJS: part 7 - deploy

July 30

a first look at redwoodJS: part 8 - auth

August 9


redwoodJS schema definition languages

August 15

fauna query language

August 23

building a minimum viable stack with redwoodJS and faunaDB

September 1


September 16

my redwoodJS history

September 16