errorProps.graphQLErrors is undefined

I’m getting a weird error which I can’t seem I can’t seem to debug:

Unfortunately I’ve just done a bit of rework to a fair amount of files so can’t really revert. I’ve tried deleting node_modules, regenerating types/doing a type check, deleting dist, and generating a new build.

Not sure what else to try so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Possibly related: Looks like array index needs optional chaining operator · Issue #5802 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub

@callingmedic911 thanks, I came across that issue earlier but for some reason it struck me as unrelated. After reading through it properly I also found some old routes that needed renaming, although that doesn’t seem to be the complete solution in my case. I’m now getting a slightly different error page (still the same error, but with the graphQL request and successful response below).

Will keep digging and add a comment to the GH ticket.

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Hi @cattre thanks for the comment on the Issue 5802. I’ve reproduced and have a fix, but the fix then caused us on the Core team to discuss how certain form/cell errors behave.

The “bad route” on navigate after a mutation completed is an excellent example - thanks!

Watch that issue space for updates soon.

Thanks @dthyresson, great to hear you’ve already identified the issue.

Are there any workarounds I could try in the meantime? Seems like I’ve broken it with the renaming so should be able to fix?!