Error tracking with serverless functions

Just wanted to start a thread here about discussing options for Error Tracking services that are known to work well out of the box with redwood or close to it.

I have so far tried out Sentry with their AWS Serverless SDK (AWS Lambda | Sentry Documentation) and on the web side I setup a ErrorBoundry for the React app using their SDK (React | Sentry Documentation)

So far I have been able to get exceptions to log correctly when deployed with Vercel (vercel uses AWS in background).

However, making the changes to the functions with their SDK does break the local development.

api |
api | TypeError: context.getRemainingTimeInMillis is not a function
api |
api |
api | 1 anonymous
api |   /home/tharshan/Projects/uservitals/node_modules/@sentry/serverless/src/awslambda.ts:223
api |
api | 2 requestHandler
api |   /home/tharshan/Projects/uservitals/node_modules/@redwoodjs/dev-server/dist/requestHandlers/awsLambda.js:140
api |
api | 3 lambdaHandler
api |   /home/tharshan/Projects/uservitals/node_modules/@redwoodjs/dev-server/dist/http.js:69
api |

Would love to hear other people’s experience with this topic.

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Wanted to give this thread a bump. I feel having a solid error tracking solution that works with all sides of redwood, graphql, serverless functions, and web would be critical!