Doc Update: App Configuration

Doc update: we just reworked App Configuration: redwood.toml.

The title is true to its word: this doc is about redwood.toml, the master file for configuring a Redwood app’s settings. If you want to know more about this file, or how you can configure your Redwood app, this is the doc for you.

And if you want your browser to stop opening every single time you run yarn rw dev, this is definitely the doc for you.

From time to time, there’s been quite a few questions about some of the settings in redwood.toml, especially about web.apiProxyPath. We’re hoping this doc, a distillation of the learning from those discussions, answers those questions.

I’m not sure if we’ve said it before, but even if we have, we can’t say it enough: the docs are for you! Is it clear? Useful? Don’t hesitate to tell us—any and all feedback is welcome.

Happy developing. :rocket: