Deprecating support for Serverless Framework Deployments to AWS Lambdas

Our Project

Hello David,

My company uses the Serverless Framework deploy for RedwoodJS, and we will be sad to have to see it go. We would love to see if we can help support in the future.

  • why Serverless:
  • We use Serverless because it allowed us to easily get into AWS (our provider) for scaling. Similar to another reply, we also have other services that we deploy using Serverless including AWS Fargate containers. We wanted the ability to tweak the underlying Lambdas, and loved Serverless’ claim that we could deploy to other providers including Azure.
  • what version of Redwood?
  • Currently, 4.0.1
  • did you add any complexity to your Serverless deploy config?
  • Web: no.
  • API: yes, we have an AWS S3 bucket which holds some certs we use to connect to a Temporal instance. Also, envs + cors.
  • what is your DB provider? (e.g. AWS RDS…)
  • AWS Postgres RDS
  • do you have Auth? If so what’s your setup?
  • Yes, we use Azure SSO. No problems here.
  • anything else that might be helpful?
  • We like the flexibility of Serverless to tweak the underlying Lambda.