Debugging the Redwood API side with VSCode

Hey Community,

I made a short video to demonstrate how to use VSCode to debug the API side - hope you find it helpful!

Debugger Configuration Doc


Thank you @danny
This is a very good information for the Testing and Debugging, so I just added the reference to this - see here.


Also: apologies for tagging you directly :smiley:

Hi @makuku666 - as the title says, the video is for debugging the API side - looks like you’re trying to set a break point on the web side, on your homepage. I’ve personally not tried the web side, maybe someone else can chime in here?

I typically use the debugger in my browser when I need that, or just enter the keyword debugger in the code so it stops execution there.

Hi @danny, ok I will move my question to an own thread. Unfortunately, your hints doesn’t work. This issue I hadn’t before. It occurred with this framework, maybe other people have same problems?