Custom UI kit - using custom components

Hi to all,

Company that I’m working for have custom UI kit (unfortunately, private so I can not share example) that consist of own css styles (based on material) and set of widgets including Table (based on React Table) and input controls.

I tried to integrate this kit with Redwood (with final goal to even prepare scaffolding templates) in a ‘pet-clinic’ sample project so I:

  1. install needed packages from private repo to web side - works out of the box
  2. remove default scaffolding styles from styles file since packages contains custom css - works as expected
  3. prepare some sample layouts and pages to see how it behaves - all great, components renders well from both visual and functional point of view

When I tried to replace scaffolded ‘Owners’ page (list of owners) with my custom Table component I run into some issues. I’m not sure how to explain but, it seems that RW somehow ‘hijack’ rendered table :smiley: I double checked and there is no explicit RW table import anywhere in the code and I imported my component. However, rendered table came with just ‘ReactForm’ class (so, no addiotional classes) and it is obvious that is not from component that I expect (props for filling data are ignored). So, any clues what I did wrong or what I should try?
[EDIT]: Resolved, it was my typo :man_facepalming:

Also, I’m curious about possibilities to use custom kit’s input controls (as React components, not ‘just’ html tags) with RW forms and all of it’s magic built on RHF? For example, Formik have own controls but there is option to write adapters to use custom.