Custom login validation

When it comes to user authentication using the Redwood dbAuth, I am able to only access the user logging in details in the loginOptions handler.

I have a use case where I want to use a different means instead of username and password to authenticate the user. In the docs it clearly says the login options handler is invoked only after the username and password has been validated.
Is there a way to manually take control of the validation process and validate something else instead of the username and password? This could help when for instance you have a passwordless login for example with a custom function that basically sends the user a signed email after entering only their email.

If I can control the logic that validates the username and password, then, instead of validating the username and password, I can pass pass in some custom data here, await logIn({ }), validate the data manually and return the user or what’s required after successful validation for example or throw an error before the loginOptions handler is triggered.

I overlaid the username/password stuff to do login based upon a phone number and a code that was returned from the phone (I used AWS Lambda’s to send and receive the texting)

If I knew what data you wanted to use for auth I might be able to suggest options