Creating a Startup Support Crew

@noire.munich Great all around! v0.28 should be out in the next 48 hours — it will take some practice on our end, by I’ve already talked to the Core Team about prioritizing Patch releases. One thing you can do to help us is to make sure possible bugs (if any :wink:) from v0.28 are prioritized and visible to the Core Team, including me. Let’s try some things and iterate, but maybe something like “Potential v0.28 Patch Needed” or similar in a GitHub Issue or any other Title —> just make sure things don’t get buried in conversation.

Prisma and Shadow DB errors :smiling_imp:

There are possibly two things going on here, both of them related to the new Prisma Migrate requirement for a Shadow DB: About the shadow database

For local dev, check out these requirements from the section “Shadow database user permissions” (screenshot):

If you are using a cloud hosted solution for local development, you will need to take an additional step and create a second hosted DB as your Shadow DB: