Can't make dbAuth to work properly. Sign up is successful, but login hook doesn't work

Trying to implement dbAuth using tutorial.
My auth setup is here: setup authentification · YuriyL-Git/redwood-cloud-deploy@55286b8 · GitHub

Seems that data is correctly written to database and read from.
But useAuth hook doesn’t seem to work properly.
If I login using my credentials that was previously set by sign up, I get no errors in responce, but after that isAuthenticated still equals false, and currentUser === null

UPD. Seems that get getCurrentUser func from api/lib/auth.ts is newer called. I try to console.log some output from func but there is no output to console

Hi. Where have you deployed?

Do you need to setup CORS perhaps if in a serverful deployment?

See Self-hosted Authentication (dbAuth) | RedwoodJS Docs

Are there any logs on your deployment host that could give insight?

I’m trying to start locally dev server for now, but with no luck

Here is the solution that helped me. The issue was in session wrong domain in local deployment