Building an Ionic app?

I’m thinking of writing a RedwoodJS app and then wrapping it with Ionic/Cordova to get a mobile app. Before I go too deep into this effort, are there any forseeable obstacles?

Is it possible to export the bundled Redwood app (scripts/assets/etc) to be included with Ionic?

Someone is already working on sides for a react native

Hi @sridatta! As far as “wrapping” Redwood with Ionic, the closest thing I know about is @peterp experimenting with Redwood and Electron. I’m not sure of the status or the complexity.

This question foundationally pushes into Redwood’s concepts of Sides. For example, the Web and API directories represent the current two Sides supported by Redwood out of the box. Each is supported with integration config (Babel, Webpack, Jest, Redwood.toml), CLI commands like build, generator template code, and deploy targets.

We are working to make Sides extensible, meaning you wouldn’t need to wrap Redwood but would instead have built-in support. But we’re just not there yet. And until that time, the answer to your question “are there any foreseeable obstacles?” is definitely yes. It’s completely possible as is, but you would be handling all the integration and config on your own.

He doesn’t have a public example yet, but @vilvaathibanpb has made amazing progress on a POC of React Native as a Redwood Side. Do follow him and keep a lookout for updates.

I’m interested in doing the same thing. I have experience with Ionic, but not Redwood. I will update you after I play around with it.