Bounty platform website with RedwoodJS

So, I had this business idea that I wanted to do, but I want to make sure it’s something I’m allowed to create.

I love Redwood so much that I was thinking of a way to make the beginner user development experience even easier. What if there was a platform (p2p buyer<>seller market) that allowed anyone with RedwoodJS experience (user ranks of helper, experienced, proficient) to create code snippets of components and services and sell them. You’ve made a really cool blog user card component for the post with dynamic cells and mocks? What if you could extract it and advertize it and sell it to buyers as part of your collection on this platform. Furthermore, what if the platform handled the user part and helped them link their business logic to any component advertized on this platform? That’s the use case basically. Experienced coders make reusable components that they advertise, then interested buyers join the site, get help to link their business logic to components they purchase.

Additionally, Buyers can create bounties which are descriptions of their use case and business logic and other user ranks can claim it with a component that fulfills their requirements; with or without data fetching. This would help small businesses who want to create a web presence easily because they can learn the fundamentals of Redwood and then ask for more sophisticated solutions from the community. It also creates a culture of helping each other out and getting something in return. Users set asks, we would just take a 5% cut.

Just a rough idea of what I had in mind. Is this something I’m allowed to pursue or does it break any ToS? I couldn’t find anything so I figured I’d ask in the forums.

Thank you for such an amazing framework.

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My immediate response is that such application ought to use Stripe - it is like invented to showcase Stripe.

Absolutely, I was planning on incorporating the essentials learned from the stripe demo. I’m just curious if I’d step on anyone’s toes if I created such a project as a business. Coders would own their code they post, but that code is ultimately written in RedwoodJS. Is there any conflict that would prohibit me from doing this for profit?

As far as I can see, there is nothing preventing you from pursuing your idea.

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