Beta test help: Netlify Deploy Config Change

If anyone is available today, @rob and I could use help confirm the following Netlify Deploy config change does indeed work just fine. We’ve tested and it’s working.

Could you try to deploy with the following change in your prisma.schema?


// prisma.schema
binaryTargets = env("BINARY_TARGET")


// prisma.schema
binaryTargets = "native"

Then deploy to Netlify and confirm it deployed successfully and the Netlify build logs are clean.

Please reply to this comment with your results! :rocket:

Just made the change and the build looks good and the project seems fine

That one line was the only error I was getting in my project before, now VS Code is totally clean.

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thank you for taking time to try it out🚀

UPDATE: all good and done so no more help needed. Thanks!