Best hosting solution?

After starting our project with Netlify / Railway, just because we didn’t want to worry about choosing a provider, and that’s what was in the tutorial. We’re now assessing the right provider for our solution. I wonder if anyone went through this exercise and could give us some insights. The criteria I am starting the assessment with are

  1. Ease of use
  2. Control: How much control do I have over what is happening?
  3. Scalability
  4. Price

What do you think about these criteria?

I am thinking of doing this assessment for hosting of the application and hosting of our pg db

If you are asking about your criteria list, I like the four you have. I would suggest adding

  1. Limitations

I also have production Netlify/Railway applications and am pretty satisfied.

An example of a limitation is if you need connection-pooling (pg-bouncer), this is not available. I also had to go to a higher level Netlify plan to get adequate performance. An even higher plan may be necessary if you need to increase function timeout.

I like it thank you