Authentication Documentation

Hi all,
I’ve only just started using Redwood, but liking it so far! As a relatively new JS developer, I don’t have much experience setting up authentication. I was wondering if there were any plans to rewrite the Authentication documentation, because it is hard to follow (I’ve tried and failed to set up auth with four different providers!). I am happy to contribute.


Welcome Ed!

I’m sorry to hear the documentation wasn’t very helpful to you :slightly_frowning_face: Thanks for letting us know! Definitely need to update it to make it clearer for everyone. I know someone else struggled with SupaBase auth just a few days ago, so it’s definitely not just you.

Contributions are very much welcome!

Did you mange to set up auth in the end? If not, we should start with getting that sorted, then we can deal with the documentation :slight_smile:

I didn’t in the end. Ideally I want to use dbAuth, but I got an error I cannot decipher. I’m not sure if it’s to do with the fact that I’ve already got a user model. I will try again and send a screenshot.

Hi @edapm as Redwood heads into v1.0, the team met and we’ve discussed a number of updates and improvements to the docs; and we all know that the Auth doc is one that needs attention since the info for each provider can be confusing. So, a rework of that doc is on my plate.

If you have specific errors with dbAuth please ask them here or in Discord or in GitHub issues and I’m sure we all can help.

Thanks! I’ve started a new thread here for my dbAuth problem - dbAuth Error - Fail to login/reset password