Auth0 Hackathon August 7th-9th πŸŽ‰

Hello Redwood friends!

We at Auth0 are hosting our first remote Hackathon, and we’d love the Redwood community to be involved!

The event will run August 7th-9th and features these three categories:

  • Addressing the after-effects of COVID-19: A solution that focuses on how life is today and how it might potentially be different moving forward. For example, a solution that addresses effects to the environment, travel, small businesses, and company culture since COVID-19.
  • Security: A solution that helps application developers create secure connections. For example, abstract features away into a new SDK (that’s not already publicly available) or integrating any Auth0 products with third-party integrations.
  • Connectivity: Build a solution focused on keeping remote teams/people connected. For example you could build a social app that brings employees, family members, and friends together remotely and securely.

We’re partnering with companies like Vercel, Gatsby, Microsoft, DigitialOcean, Ionic, and AWS to make this awesome. All experience levels are welcome and there will be cash prizes and swag for the winners!

Find a couple of friends to form a team and head over to the Auth0 Hackathon event page to sign up and learn more.

See you there! :partying_face:

Sam Julien

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