Amsterdam In-person Meetup June 15th: Help Wanted!

I’m speaking at React Summit in Amsterdam this June. And it’s my hope to plan an in-person meetup two days before on June 15th.

I’m going to need some help, starting with a possible venue. And then there’s A/V, and registration, and … Anyway, it’s all a little harder because I don’t live in Amsterdam.

Is anyone available and interested in helping me pull it off?!? Or knows someone I should connect with?

cc @guledali @Robert


@thedavid Oh really cool I didn’t know that redwoodjs would have conf this year. I would love to meet all of you guys personally one day. Maybe if there is conference near the winter season. Unfortunately Amsterdam is not near me, it’s not that far but not close either. I’m a lonely RedwoodJS user in Sweden :frowning_face:

Maybe @Robert lives close enough


That sounds cool, David!

I’ve never organized anything like this, but I know there’s often meetups at CREA (, it’s a cafe/creative space for students, they have all kinds of things there.

My fiancé works at WeWork and she says they also occasionally have meetups of sorts, but it’s usually organized for the WeWork inhabitants. You could contact them to figure out what’s good tho.

I don’t think I’ll have a lot of time to help organize, but I’d love to join!

I’ll search around a bit more for venues, but in the meantime you could try contacting the organizers of React Meetup Amsterdam (, I’m sure they could give you some better tips than I could.


I’m driving down from Sweden to attend :slight_smile:
Hope to see as many of you there as possible!


There’s a non-zero chance I’ll also e in Amsterdam around then too



I can’t explain where it started, but I forever have your location locked in my mind as Amsterdam. Sweden = :white_check_mark:

Thanks for the response!

Thanks, Robert! It would be so great to see you. And no pressure to help organize! Do join if you can.

I’m checking out CREA today. I have a few others on my list. And, yes, I got in touch with React Amsterdam organizers :rocket:

I’m signing up your family to be door greater, ok? :joy:

Can’t wait to see you!

Any progress on this? I live in Holland, close to Amsterdam, and would be happy to help. However, I have no experience with setting up these meetups, I’m sure our office manager knows some locations. So if there’s anything I can do let me know!

@timschonborn The meetup will happen on the evening on the 14th. I’m afraid I don’t know much more than that. @thedavid probably have more details regarding venue, schedule etc.

Registration + Details just went live!

Posted here:

@timschonborn @Robert We have the logistics ironed out, but we’ll need help at the event itself. Also, I’m still ironing out content and anything can happen (hint hint :wink: ) As motivation, I’m bringing a box of swag!

Please send me a forum DM if you’re interested. No pressure of course.

Awesome! Pm sent :wink:

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